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Local holidays and traditions
Embassies & passports

Embassy and Consulate in Spain:
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Swedish Embassy in Madrid
Sweden's Honorary Consulate Malaga

Certificate of living for pensioners. If you live outside Sweden and receive old-age pension, sickness or activity allowance, survivor's pension or occupational injury annuity from

Every year, you must prove that you are living.
Such living certificates are issued by the consulate.

It is relatively difficult to renew your Swedish passport in Spain.
Our best advice is to try to do so when visiting your home country. How-to?
Check the Police website

  • Cabalgata de Reyes: early January, cavalcade Three wise men

  • Feris de Abril: April

  • Fiesta del Boquetillo San Juan: 24/6, Midsummer Eve

  • Virgen del Carmen: 16/7, the patron saint of sailors

  • Romería: first Sunday in October, pilgrimage

  • Feria de la Virgen del Rosario: second week uncooperative

Find all holidays in Spain HERE


Anyone who buys an apartment or house or resides for a time in Spain needs a NIE number. Whatever you do is asked for this NIE number. Should you buy a car or carry out things at your accommodation, the first question is NIE number. This is achieved by going to the local police department with the passport.


Useful information for You with own or rented accommodation in Fuengirola

Empadronamiento in Fuengirola Municipality


If you have an accommodation, rented or bought in Fuengirola, you will receive:

- 30% lower municipal tax

- Lower fees on accommodation and car

- Lower fees on municipal services such as garbage collection

- Cheaper entry to various events such as dog shows, sporting events, etc.




Tax - real estate

Two types of taxes. On the one hand, municipal (IBI) based on the property's valuation value (valor catastral), and on the other, state, special regulations apply to non-resident owners of property.
The municipal tax, the IBI tax, is paid to the municipal office in the municipality in which the property is located. Most often you receive payment vouchers in the mailbox. The tax is about 0.4% on valor catastral. It is normally paid in June and then you pay for the previous year.
NOTE! It is the property owner's duty to check that the tax is paid every year. If you get no avi then you have to go to the municipal office to pay. It is common to receive up to 5% discount if you pay before a certain date.

State property tax for non-resident property owners. Non-residents must declare the holding on form 214 and are normally submitted in May to June. The form is purchased from the tax office.
The form has two departments, both wealth and income from property.
Wealth is the higher of cost or valuation value (valor catastral). Deductions for loans on the property, wealth tax is between 0.2 and 0.3%.
Property income is normally 0.5% of the valuation value (valor catastral) but exceptions are due to the increase in the valuation value. You submit the form to your bank office and pay calculated tax at the same time.

A good advice: hire expertise to prepare the state property declaration.


A Swedish citizen traveling to Spain must bring a European health insurance card (EU card). The card entitles you to medically necessary health care benefits during a temporary stay in another EU / EEA country (Spain), for example during your vacation. Everyone should have cards, regardless of age.

For those who wish to receive faster treatment in, for example, private clinics, there are many such clinics in Fuengirola and the other Malaga area. They all speak English, but many also speak the Nordic languages. There are no long waiting times to get to Doctors eg. This can usually happen relatively quickly.

Important addresses and telephone numbers, taken from:


  • Doctors: 061

  • Hospital: 952 862 748

  • Local Ambulance Fuengirola: 061

  • Medical Center - emergency 24 hours: 952 468 653

  • Medical center appointment:

    • Fuengirola: 952 584 848

    • Los Boliches: 952 584 849

    • Las Lagunas: 952 468 655

  • Fire Brigade: 080/952 461 046

  • Local Police: 092/952 589 321

  • National Police: 091

  • Guardia Civil: 062

  • Taxi: 952 471 000

  • The tourist office Avda. Jesus S.Rein, 6, +34 952 467 457 / .... 625

  • Municipalities: 952 589 300

  • Casa de la Cultura: Avd. Juan Gómez "Juanito", 12, 952 589 349

  • Post Office: 952 474 384

  • Train station: 952 478 540/952 360 202

  • Bus station: 952 478 540

  • Local buses: 952 464 204

  • Fuengirola's website:

  • You as a member have benefits at various health centers and private hospitals. you also have a discount at a dentist '

  • Read more under membership benefits

Other - all possible and impossible questions

About business and municipal and social issues:

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