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We are now introducing more secure routines for booking competitions and handling personal data in accordance with the Data Protection Act GDPR.

Login will take place with your PERSONAL e-mail account which is matched against a so-called white list in AHN's central member register.

To ensure that the correct email address is in the member register, we ask you to make a test booking with your current email address here.



At the same time, an opportunity is introduced for the member to edit their booking and personal information themselves, afterwards.


How do I log in?

There are two ways to log in.

Either enter your Email address and press continue or click the G in the Sign in with Google button.

If you use option 1, you will receive a four-digit PIN code for your inbox, which you must use to proceed.

If you use option 2, you will get Google's login box.

The login information is saved in the cache memory of the device you are using. Thus, you only need to repeat the login procedure when changing the device

Det är viktigt att allt fungerar innan vi går in i "skarpt läge" vid säsongstart!

Kontakta admin@ahngolf.net vid eventuella problem!

Omberg 24-25 June

Two points bogey rounds in glorious summer weather with fantastic results.

See the results list here!

We congratulate the winners!


Vouchers to Rio Real Golf, Marbella

AHN members can now purchase vouchers on AHN's website for Rio Real Golf, Marbella. At the time of purchase, you will receive a code that is used when booking online at Rio Real the day before the game / during the day for a favorable € 69.90


Mijas Golf - AHN Golf's home course

In the middle of the Corona times, we work hard to keep the tracks in top condition until we get there again!

Green fee - Our courses

New agreements for individual games are now available to take advantage of.



AHN Cup 5/6 was the last round of play due to the emergency. Results with winners can be found here. The award ceremony is planned for the autumn's first AHN Cup on October 23 at Guadalhorce.


The reservation system

It has been shown that members often for various reasons regret and want to participate in competitions that have previously been canceled. We have now made a system change that makes this possible. This information is now available on the booking form:

Men 70+ Red Tee

So far, the constant 6 standard has been deducted when choosing Red Tea. An investigation shows that this template seems to be less relevant. Next season, we will use an algorithm to dynamically calculate the number of strokes obtained. As only a few courses have introduced a slope for red tee men, we apply an average to other courses

Read more about the new calculations under HCP-News below!


HCP News

There is a lot to read about the new hcp system that will be introduced in 2020 at https://golf.se/handicap .

For us "foreign players", it is important to continue to report all hcp changes and fill in each course's Course Rating (CR) and Slope Rating (SR).

You will find CR and SR for all courses AHN Golf plays on below MY GOLF ASSOCIATION .


Cancellation of start time - claim for compensation of players!

In case of cancellation from competition after publication of the start list, AHN Golf will demand that the cancellators replace AHN Golf with full green fee for the game. The claim is based on revenue lost for AHN Golf, as the number of players agreed with golf clubs does not start, and that AHN Golf loses momentum in negotiations on start times and green fees.


Requests for late or early start

On the booking form you can read:

"Too many people want a 'late start time', state this request only if it is absolutely necessary! Please indicate if you want an early start time."

If you have special reasons (dentist, bridge games with AHN, for example), you can of course request an early or late start. Then we can also reserve any winnings on today's golf round for later collection.



Download the Rules of Golf 2019 app for your smart phone. There, most things are in easy-to-understand and informative form.


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June 1 - September 14

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