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Frågor och svar om hur försäljning av vouchers fungerar

Vouchers säljs online med hjälp av Gift-Up. Det är självbetjäning, så medlem hanterar köpet själv.

  • Can only AHN members buy vouchers?
    Anyone who has the password to enter the online shop can shop. There is no control over whether you are a member or not. The idea is that the member is notified in the membership letter about the password and what applies. The page before the online shop says the same thing about what applies.
  • What vouchers are there and where do they apply?
    Vouchers are meant to be available to begin with in 4 different types; for 1, 2, 3 and 4 people. They are valid at Rio Real in Marbella.
  • Can an AHN member buy for 3 others who are not members?
    It is not allowed. From Rio Real, AHN can get feedback on which people have traded and its details. Encourage buying membership so there will be more members. The golf club also requires those who play with the discount to show their AHN membership cards.
  • How is revenue / purchase of Vouchers reported?
    All purchases are made via PayPal, which has a good account of all purchases made. Since PayPal can also be used for purchases other than Vouchers, you can log in to Gift-up, which has sales reports on what is sold there.
  • How does the customer pay for their purchase?
  • Is an account received for what has been sold?
    Yes, there are reports in Gift-up to look at. Google Analytics also has information.
  • In which bank account is the money deposited from PayPal?
    In Spansknordiska's account
  • Do you get an admin email when something is sold?
  • Can there be multiple Gift-up administrators?
  • Is there a mobile app to manage Gift-Up?
  • Is Gift-up mobile-friendly for the customer?
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