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AHN Golf

Our apps

We have three different apps in AHN that can be downloaded to the phone.
The apps can also be used on your computer in full screen mode.


The Member app
Here you can see your personal information in AHN's member register,  such as name, phone, email etc, and you can change them. See more below

The Golf app

Used to book golf, see start lists, change hcp etc


Scorecard app

used during golf games to record your results

Member register

During the autumn of 2020, we introduced more secure routines for booking competitions and handling personal data in accordance with the Data Protection Act GDPR.

Login will take place with your PERSONAL e-mail account which is matched against AHN's member register.

As a member, you can edit your booking and personal information yourself. You can change your hcp yourself.

How do I log in?

There are two different ways to log in:

1. Log in with an email account.

You log in with the email account that you entered to AHN, then you will receive a temporary PIN code to the account's inbox that will be used to verify that you own the account.  


2. Sign in with your Google Account.

If you have a google account such as gmail, you can log in without a PIN code, but the first time you log in, you must enter the account password.

The login information is then saved on the computer / phone you used.

If you use option 2, you will get Google's login box.

The login information is saved in the memory of the device you are using. You therefore only need to repeat the login when you change the device

If you have problems logging in or booking start times


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