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AHN - History

The Sun Coast's oldest Nordic association Asociación Hispano Nordica

In the early 1960s, more and more people from the North settled on the Costa del Sol. In the mid-1960s, the need arose for a unifying body, an association for information and collaboration.

Asociación Hispano Nordica, the Spanish-Nordic Society formed, on October 4, 1968 by Prince Carl Bernadotte.

AHN grew and thrived, the association took shape and the atmosphere was good. The first office was a small two-room apartment, it soon became too crowded. Local branches were formed around the coast. The first Christmas flight to Malmö departed on December 23, 1969 with 65 passengers.

At the 1970 annual meeting, 630 members showed up! Then there was a Nordic association spread in the following places; Almunécar, Fuengirola / Mijas, Nerja, Nueva Andalucía, Marbella and Torremolinos / Benálmadena. Information was provided on tax rules, planning of various destinations and the newly formed library. At the 1977 annual meeting, Erik Feltström resigned after 9 years as chairman. Carl Holmgren took over the chair. A variety of activities were reported in the annual report, such as language courses, golf, boules, bridges, chess and walks. The number of members in 1977 was 3,474.


HN-Nytt's own member magazine, published from 1984. HN-Nytt provided a varied reading, information on various activities and other issues of interest, such as travel, insurance, taxes, the church, etc. The information became a valuable link between members and local associations.


Various new associations have emerged where people from each country gather, such as Norway, Denmark and Finland.


Communication with the members and between the members is today via AHN's website on Facebook, member mailing is via mail and advertising in various newspapers.


AHN Fuengirola / Mijas today has over 2000 members and has its own club room in central Fuengirola, Las Rampas. We think AHN stands for Active Homely Nordic.

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