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Art & Painting

The art group at AHN is a creative group that enjoys painting. We paint in both oil, acrylic and watercolor. No requirements to be able to paint. We bring our own painting supplies. We help, advise and inspire each other and then we have coffee. We also have vernissages when you exhibit your works if you want. If you are curious, please come and visit us.


We don't have a specific course plan that we follow, but everyone can choose both motifs and techniques according to their own wishes. Sometimes we work on a specific task, which is optional to perform.


We are inspired by each other, which sometimes leads us to try some new techniques, to paint what we want to express. With good light and lighting, there are the best conditions for finding the nuances in the coloring in your compositions.


Painting is a contemplative state, where you enter your own world and both time and space fade away. Light color and shape speed up the imagination and the unconscious controls your hand and thought. Your own painting can many times surprise yourself.


We would like to share the joy we feel by painting with those of you who want to join our group. Bring your own material and come!


We welcome both beginners and those who have painted a lot.

If you are interested, contact:

Vivi-Ann Malmquist
Mobile number: +46 73 6226601


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