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AHN - Activities

We start the hikes on Monday October 16th.

Hike with us in varied environments!

Start at the Fuengirola center bus station on Mondays at 11am

The hikes take approx. 2-3 hours and stop for a coffee break  

Contact:  Håkan Ahl +46 761 121 508,

Sista vandringen för säsongen genomför vi den 6/5 

Vanliga frågor och svar för den intresserade.
Var träffas vi?
Måndagar 11.00 vid busstationen Fuengirola. Vid regnväder ställer vi oftast in för att undvika skador p.g.a halt underlag.

Vad behöver jag ha med mig?
Bra anpassade skor för vandring, Hatt/keps om solen ligger på, mindre summa pengar till fika, vattenflaska samt ett glatt humör.

Hur fysiskt ansträngande är Vandringen?
Vandring är en fysisk aktivitet, ofta i kuperad miljö. Solen står ofta högt på himlen med höga temperaturer. Varje enskild medlem av AHN avgör sin egen kapacitet och det egna ansvaret inbegriper även försäkring i händelse att olyckan skulle vara framme.

Essentially we wander endlessly between Fuengirola and Mijas. Preferably close to nature but also in a clean urban environment.

The goal is to move the body and discover the environment in the immediate area. This in combination with the fact that it is a very social activity with many and long conversations between hikers with an exchange of experiences and that you constantly get to learn new things.


We normally stop after 30-45 minutes at a suitable cafe for simple food or drinks, after which we hike at a medium pace for 2- up to 3 hours. Good, well-fitting shoes are the key to feeling good on a hike. A bottle of water is essential to have with you, especially on warmer days and lastly, a happy mood is never wrong.

Physical activity - the best medicine!

Medicines have their place as a necessary form of treatment in many disease states, but studies show that exercise and changed lifestyles are often the best medicine and this should be highlighted. Diabetes studies have, for example, shown that the group that received dietary advice and physical activity had clearly the lowest risk of developing diabetes. Even with type II diabetes, the risk of contracting the disease is reduced if you are physically active. The more you move, the less risk of being affected. However, individual conditions and genetic factors have a great influence and the person affected should not be blamed. In osteoarthritis, the best medicine is knowledge and training and there are special osteoarthritis schools in Sweden today where osteoarthritis sufferers are referred.  

Sitting is candy - good but unhealthy.

Sitting down has been shown to be linked to an increased risk of illness, even for the physically active. This means that even if you exercise and move regularly, sitting in itself means an increased risk of  obesity, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease, cancer and premature death. The risk increases significantly per additional hour of sitting and the connections are seen regardless of body composition and weight. We must therefore both sit less and move regularly and at least according to the current guidelines.

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