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AHN - Activities


We start again on September 19


In the spring of 2022, AHN started chess.

On Monday May 16th   we had a nice chess finish at the bar right below AHN's Casitan where it all began!

We are now 25 members who play chess.

Here I congratulate with nice chess friends, Ralf from Denmark as the supposed winner if we had a tournament in the spring!


If you are a beginner, you can take an overview course on how the game of chess works.

Of course, we also welcome anyone who has played for a while or wants to resume playing from an earlier time in their life.

The meaning is primarily that it should be a pleasant event.


We meet on Mondays and Fridays at 2 pm in our clubhouse.

Contact person and responsible for chess within AHN is Anders Jonsson, who can be reached on mobile no. 0046 706 343 402 or email


Do not hesitate to call Anders if you have any questions about chess or are interested in participating in the activity, but the above time does not fit,

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