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AHN - About us

The purpose of the association is to create activities and community for our
members here on the sunny coast.

AHN is a non-profit association. Officials and the board receive no financial compensation
replacement. The association's registration number is NIF G92298793.

In 2019, a limited liability company was formed. This company is 100% owned by the association
AHN. Golf operations are conducted in the limited company. This business is
VAT liable and profitable. This is the reason for the formation of the company.
All other activities are carried out on a non-profit basis in AHN, including the membership fees
is paid
The limited company is called SPANSKNORDISKA SL B93729382, and is 100% owned by AHN

The association's statutes are approved by two annual meetings and can be found in pdf here next =>

Bank details

Pay the membership fee to the account below and indicate which persons it indicates:

IBAN: ES45 3058 0860 7427 2000 4023

Bank: Cajamar
Beneficiary: AHN Fuengirola-Mijas

Payment should be made in euros.

The company is called SPANSKNORDISKA SL. B93729382, and is 100% owned by AHN. It gives us opportunities to broaden our operations and, above all, we can feel secure in the fact that we are following laws and regulations.

Inputs and payments subject to VAT are made in the register. This does not affect you as a member. You pay the membership fee as usual via bank or at the expedition. The membership fee is VAT-free and goes to the association. 

SPANSKNORDISKA SL on account  ES79 3058 0860712720042261

Board 2023

Eckhardt Metzner



Michael Emdenborg

Vice Chairman


Anette Ternstedt 



Stefan Dolvander

IT Manager

Tore Korp

Carina Hagström Kihlberg

Carina Hagström Kihlberg.jpeg


Arild Bruun

Jan Andersson

Bengt Larsson


Rolf Johansson

Alex Westin

Accountants' deputies

Daniel Cannerlöv
Rolf Grönberg

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