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AHN Golf

Login to the golf system

When you make a golf booking, it is Spanish time that applies. If you book from a phone or computer with a different time, the booking may have a different time stamp.


To log in, a personal email account registered in AHN's member register is required.


There are two different ways to log in:

1. Log in with an email account.

You log in with the email account you entered to AHN, then you will receive a temporary PIN code to the account's inbox which will be used to verify that you own the account.  


2. Sign in with your Google Account.

If you have a google account like gmail, you can log in without needing a PIN code, but the first time you log in, you must enter the account password.

The login information is then saved on the computer / phone you used.

We recommend that you create a Google Account. The Google Account is free of charge and simplifies the login to the system.

Read more here:  Create a Google Account

We especially encourage members with hotmail, live and yahoo accounts to use this opportunity as we know that the PIN code option with such accounts has been very sluggish.

Notify the new account to

When you have logged in to the system, your device remembers the login so you do not have to log in again. You enter directly into AHN golf.

We understand that the login procedure can be cumbersome for inexperienced computer users.

Exceptionally, a booking request can be sent via email to  but note that such booking can not be made before the opening of the registration list and can thus end up under the "red line" in the event of severe booking pressure.

Ann-Helene can also update your Hcp

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