AHN Golf

Login to the golf system

To log in, a personal email account registered in AHN's member register is required.


There are two different ways to log in:

  1. Log in with PIN code
    You log in with your email account that you specified to AHN, then you will receive a PIN code to your email to verify you.

  2. Sign in with a Google Account
    If you have a google account like gmail, you can log in without needing a PIN.

We recommend that you create a Google Account. The Google Account is free and simplifies the login to the system.

Read more here: Create a Google Account

Notify the new account to info@ahn-fuengirola.net

Many members share an email account with their spouse. You often also share a computer, which has required logging out and logging in with the various accounts.

We are now changing the system so that joint login can be done in full.

Notify info@ahn-fuengirola.net if you want to change to a joint account. *)

We understand that the login procedure can be cumbersome for inexperienced computer users.

If you have problems, you can email your booking to:



Ann-Helene can also update your Hcp

*) You can also change your e-mail address at ahn-fuengirola.app