AHN Golf

Login to the golf system

To log in, a personal email account registered in AHN's central members database is required.

We have seen that a few members share an email account with their spouse.

If you belong to this group, we ask you to get your own account as soon as possible.

During a transition period, you can make bookings for your spouse but you can not view or change his / her profile or update his / her hcp. During this transition period, a new hcp must be notified to admin@ahngolf.net


We recommend that you create a Google Account. The Google Account is free of charge and simplifies the login to the system.

Read more here: Create a Google Account

Notify the new account to info@ahn-fuengirola.net


Tuesday-Friday 7 p.m. 12-15

May 12-31 Tue and Fri 12-14

September 15-30 Tuesdays at 12-14


June 1 - September 14

December 22 - January 7


AHN Fuengirola-Mijas

Las Rampas, Local 13 D3

Fuengirola, Spain

Tel: +34 952 474 750


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