Member benefits

AHN's member insurance is an accident insurance

An extract from the terms and conditions for AHN's member insurance Santalucia Seguros 2021.

Full terms and conditions 'Condiciones generales' in Spanish are available from the insurance company.

The Spanish-Nordic association AHN Fuengirola-Mijas has signed an agreement that gives members of AHN the right to apply for membership insurance in Spain.


  1. To apply for AHN membership insurance, you must have an AHN membership card for the year 2021 or later.

  2. Hold a Spanish NIE or DNI number (Spanish social security number is applied for at the police)

  3. AHN's membership card for the year 2021 states the insurance company's special email address and telephone number for applying for membership insurance.

  4. The insurance company collects personal and health information for assessment and approval of individual member insurance.

  5. AHN members with approved membership insurance are insured up to EUR 12,000 in the event of an accident that causes disability or death in Spain.

  6. AHN members receive discounts on the insurance company's other insurance products upon presentation of a valid AHN membership card.

  7. AHN Member Insurance can be taken out from 1 January 2021 and is valid as long as the annual membership fee is paid and the insurance company's conditions are met.



If you have further questions, you can email your questions to them at


Santalucia Seguros has a Swedish representative, so you can email in Swedish.


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